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Handrail and Railing Picket Space and Degree Calculators

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Panel Length
Picket Width
Panel Degree / Angle
Target Picket Space
Picket Length
Tob Bar Thickness
Bottom Bar Thickness

The picket / baluster spacing calculator does the following:

  1. Provides an even picket distribution throughout a railing panel for a target space.
  2. Ensures the two picket end spaces are the same as the other spaces throughout the distribution.
  3. Ensures the most efficient number of pickets is given for the target regulation space.
  4. Compensates for the degree or angle (i.e. the marks will expand on the channel to compensate for a degree)

How to use the picket / baluster space calculator:

  1. Enter the length of your channel, top bar, bottom bar, or panel
  2. Enter the width of your picket / baluster material
  3. Enter the degree of the railing panel.
  4. Enter the target picket space. If you enter 4 (inches), the calculator will find the minimum number of pickets required to achieve this space. The measurements are conservative, meaning it will get as close to 4 inches as possible while maintaining an even space throughout the distribution. This ensures you meet regulatory requirements while obtaining the most efficient material requirements and perfect baluster spacing.
*Note: Output measurements from this calculator are the CENTER of each picket.