Handrail And Railing Installer

A. Installer

An installer is responsible for interpreting specifications, reading schematics, assembling and welding products, maintaining railing installation equipment, and problem solving.

An installer must have good communication skills; an installer is ofter times the last employee a customer has contact with. As a result an installer must be able to meet various customer requirements and be sensitive to customer needs.

B. Organization Relationships

The Installer reports directly to the Director of Operations and the Project Manager.


A. Education And Training

Installers must have a high school degree or equivalent and a field-related trade school degree in welding or fabrication, or a college degree. Prior experience is strongly preferred.

B. Technical Requirements

  • Core Drill Experience
  • Stick Rod Welding Experience
  • Basic math and trigonometry skills
  • Basic skills using a grinder
  • Fabrication skills

C. Managerial Experience

No prior managerial experience is necessary