This premium two-component, acrylic-modified aliphatic urethane offers outstanding chemical abrasion resistance combined with excellent color and gloss retention. The cured film of this coating equals the results of the best baked-on finishes, and provides outstanding impact and chip resistance. It will out-perform any non-urethane type coating when used in high abuse areas.


Coraflon ADS, the next generation of fluoropolymer coatings from PPG, retains color and gloss longer than conventional coating systems.Coraflon ADS coatings offer the same long life span as new factory finished panels. With its superior fluoropolymer resin, utilizing proprietary PPG technology. Coraflon ADS coatings will last much longer than panels repainted with conventional coatings.The longer life of Coraflon ADS coatings saves the expense and down time of successive repaints.


Powder coating is an advanced method of applying a decorative and protective finish to a wide range of materials and products that are used by both industries and consumers. The powder used for the process is a mixture of finely ground particles of pigment and resin, which is sprayed onto a surface to be coated. The charged powder particles adhere to the electrically grounded surfaces until heated and fused into a smooth coating in a curing oven. The result is a uniform, durable, high-quality, and attractive finish. Powder coating is the fastest-growing finishing technology in North America, representing over 10% of all industrial finishing applications. For more information visit The Powder Coating Institute.